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VP Racing Fuels

VP Racing Fuels – VP Octanium Unleaded

VP Racing Fuels – VP Octanium Unleaded

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Octanium Unleaded is a VP octane booster that gives your octane a boost of up to 7 numbers (70 points). Compare that to other brands. In fact, many don't even specify their octane boost number, while others only boost up to 3 or 5. It's safe for limited use in cars and trucks with oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. Furthermore, VP's unleaded octane booster is a true engine performance enhancer that improves throttle response and acceleration when used as directed. One 32-ounce bottle treats up to 10 gallons of gas (38 liters). For easy pouring, try the VP EZ Spout. It's compatible with the Octanium Octane Booster can + works with all 1-1/8 beta openings.

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